ABOUT TennisBallMachine

You might wonder how does a company position themselves as an expert in tennis equipment and training? It’s not that difficult really, you talk to the professional players, the coaches and the tennis instructors to get their feedback. These are the people that day in and day out count on the best products available to make their living.

At TENNIS BALL MACHINE we have surrounded ourselves with tennis industry professionals and left nothing to chance, we quite simply only sell the best products.  We also live the game as tennis enthusiasts ourselves and feel responsible for bringing you the best quality products available.

Not all equipment measures up just because a big manufacturer or a touring pro puts their name on it. It has to pass our standards of time, low maintenance, innovation and value.

By time we mean if your machine breaks down then that down-time is costing you money. Sending it out for repairs or waiting for replacement parts can be very aggravating and can hurt your business. If you’re out of business then that reflects badly on us and we’re not going to let that happen.

Low maintenance has more to do with reliability; if you’re a player trying to hone your skills and your machine is out of action it takes away your personal tennis development and pleasure. You would expect more of a product of this nature.

Let’s face it there are not too many sports where you can program-in a variety of shots and tempos to give you a real game feeling experience. The Lobster remote controller provides you with that type of innovation to simulate real opponents. You can bet a McEnroe or Connors would have loved to have had that option in their day.

Value is the determining factor for many buyers and we get that, these are not inexpensive machines but when you factor in manufacturers guarantees, low maintenance, innovation, quality and the return on your dollars invested these are the best value tennis ball machines and accessory products on the market.

We know there are tennis clubs and camps out there that run their entire tennis development programs based on the reputation of the Lobster Ball Machines and other accessories we carry. Everyone from junior and adult recreational players to college teams and professional athletes use them.

We are glad to be your team of tennis professionals helping you to make the best buying decisions.