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Join The Tennis Elite With This Almost Impossible Drill

This is a very advanced drill, if you’re not able to keep a rally going from the baseline, hit volleys consistently to target areas of the court or hit topspin then go back to tennis boot camp.  

Okay, if I haven’t already scared you off I can pretty much guarantee that successfully performing this set of drills will prepare you for the pro circuit.

This Drill Will Improve The % of Points You Win Faster Than Any Other

Is there a hundred different tennis drills, a thousand?  Who knows? There are sure a lot so you might be wondering what is the best use of your time to get the most improvement quickly.  It’s not what you think; you could hit hundreds of serves a day and still not win your matches.  That will help but if your opponent has a good return of serve in nullifies your big serve quickly.  Groundstrokes comprise the biggest percentage of shots you will hit but if your opponent has an equally good forehand and backhand then again you’ll be pretty much even.

Do You Have These Essential Tennis Tools?

Any tennis teaching pro has certain aids that are indispensible for coaching beginners right up to elite players.  You will see them used on community courts, private clubs, university tennis centers and professional tennis academies.  What are they?  The obvious ones are ball machines but that’s just a start.  You have to fill those machines with balls.  Regular balls will do but you’re going to go through a lot of them and over time as they lose their pressure the bounce won’t be as consistent.   Pressureless balls to the rescue!  They’ve been around for quite some time but most people are not familiar with them. 

It’s Not All About How Hard You Can Hit a Ball

Tennis drills can be found all over the Internet, so what makes this any different?  Well first of all we’re not going to fall into the mindset where hitting the ball harder is better.  Far too many players just practice winding up and hitting the ball hard without any regard for how that plays into the strategy of the game.

Simulate the Number of Balls You’d Hit in a Tennis Match with this Training Drill

Growing up in a small town you may have been lucky enough to have a volunteer tennis coach in the community and a couple of courts that they ran a junior tennis program on.  You’d line up and wait for your turn to hit a ball or two and then go back to the end of the line.  You’d do this a couple of times a week for an hour after school and spend the rest of the week hoping to get on the court again when the adults weren’t using them.

Okay So You’ve Got a Ball Machine, Now What?

After the novelty wears off of having a partner to hit with whenever you want, never gives up and never gives excuses, you’ll be looking for ideas of how to actually use your ball machine to improve your game.   That’s what this article is about.

Top 3 Ways to Hit a Harder Serve

There is only three ways to hit a harder tennis serve and none of them involve going to the gym or lifting weights. In fact some of the hardest serving players at the professional levels don’t look particularly strong and don’t have bulging muscles. 

Before we get to hitting harder serves however, let’s look at the game itself and how it has evolved around the serve.

The Fantastic Five – Essential Tennis Ball Machine Drills

Like with every sport, mastering tennis takes a good base and using all the available resources. The most important facet is your mindset. Why am I playing? How far do I want to go? How badly do I want this? There are all essential questions that you must ask yourself on a daily basis. Yes, on a daily basis. Passion is like a muscle – if you don’t use it, you lose it.

6 Best Tennis Training Tips for Perfect Skills and Techniques

More than every other sport, tennis is a game of three distinct aspects – the mental, physical and emotional sides.  Neglecting at least one of these aspects will hinder your climb to the top of your game and your progress in terms of achieving your goals.

An array of tips concerning tennis found online focuses only on enhancing your fitness. This approach can’t be more wrong. Amassing mental fortitude and emotional balance are crucial elements of every stellar tennis player.

Regardless if you play for fun or strive to reach higher ground, these six tips will arm you with formidable tools. Use these tools well and you will be able to achieve everything you set your mind to.