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What to consider before getting first tennis ball machine

Serena Williams, Roger Federer, Andre Agassi—the big names in tennis—it’s no argument they worked hard to get to the top, but they also used the right equipment in doing so.

Success in tennis depends on a lot of factors, like innate physical ability, good coaching, motivation, and of course, hard work. The best tennis players have spent countless hours developing their skills on the court.

My tennis coach trains with me often, and so I always thought investing in a ball machine was a waste of money. After a while, I realized my strokes weren’t improving as fast as they should, even though I was working really hard. My coach does an excellent job, but I know that for my strokes to be consistently good I have to always practice everything he teaches me.

Elite Three A/C – It’s For When You Need a Reliable Tennis Partner – Without Any Drama

No doubt you’ve had your share of times when your tennis practice partner simply can’t be counted on.

For example, your partner is thinking about her problems that cropped up the night before with her boyfriend. She’s really angry and keeps smashing the balls back to you hard and out of bounds. You put up with it for awhile but it gets old quickly. “Get a grip on your emotions!” – you think quietly to yourself. “I want to play tennis!”

Or think about the times when one of your tennis partners simply can’t seem to make it to the court on time or at all. Geez, how can you depend on partners when there’s always going to be the human element that interferes?