Elite Three A/C – It’s For When You Need a Reliable Tennis Partner – Without Any Drama

No doubt you’ve had your share of times when your tennis practice partner simply can’t be counted on.

For example, your partner is thinking about her problems that cropped up the night before with her boyfriend. She’s really angry and keeps smashing the balls back to you hard and out of bounds. You put up with it for awhile but it gets old quickly. “Get a grip on your emotions!” – you think quietly to yourself. “I want to play tennis!”

Or think about the times when one of your tennis partners simply can’t seem to make it to the court on time or at all. Geez, how can you depend on partners when there’s always going to be the human element that interferes?

Your Future Identity in the Tennis World

Yet, you have this inner drive that you can’t stop and you can’t put on hold. You know you’re the next Roger Federer whose net worth is $450 million or Serena Williams with a net worth of $180 million. But you’re going nowhere without sufficient practice and honing of your skills. You’ve got to do something and you hate missing even one practice – no matter what your practice partner’s excuses are. You see every missed opportunity as a setback – and it truly is.

Who’s Your Venus?

You’re right to believe it’s you – and only you – that has to do something different if you are going to progress. Think about it. Serena Williams rose to the #1 female spot because she had her sister to practice with, and her dad to make sure that happened. They practiced between 9 and 11 am and then 1-6 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday between 9 and 12 noon. That’s 38 hours a week.

Do you really have someone who could devote time to you and be your Venus?

If not, the answer is get a tennis ball machine. But not just any old tennis ball machine.

The Elite Three A/C Tennis Ball Machine

Tennis ball machines are vastly different now than even a few years ago. Let’s take the Elite Three A/C Tennis Ball Machine as an example.

Elite Three A/C is definitely the next generation tennis ball machine. It spits out balls at you at 80 mph, a speed you can learn to master. And because the Elite Three A/C is so consistent at throwing balls at 80 mph, your brain – and body – picks up the pattern and can identify this speed when you play tournaments. This means you will have one more competitive edge over other tennis players that are clueless about ball speed and consequently mistake the strength and direction of their return volley.

You Determine the Settings – and Your Progress

The Elite Three A/C is electric powered so no worries about battery failure. But these aren’t the only great things about your new robotic tennis player. You can actually set the machine for speed, spin and how fast the balls are sent to you.

For example, let’s say you had a rough start for your day. Set the speed to 20 or 40 mph instead of 80 and give yourself time to adjust. Slow the feed of the balls down to the slowest setting until you master them. After you get your confidence up a bit, turn it up. Then at the end of your practice, do interval training and speed up the ball feed to the highest setting for a few minutes. With time, you’ll get better.

Do you see how your electric tennis ball machine can become your best friend and only reliable tennis partner?

The Elite Three A/C is state-of-the-art and engineered for triple oscillation. What this means is that it’s not like ordinary electric tennis ball machines that sweep randomly left to right horizontally. This one also alternates with vertical movement, throwing you balls that include short and deep shots in a random pattern. The result is you get better trained and get the opportunity to be in better physical conditioning.

The Tennis Ball Machine That Provides the Mental Edge, Too

You can set the machine to settings where every stroke will be challenged – and perfected. Set it to where you get an incredible workout. Set it to give you a mental workout as well so you can be mentally on top of your game without having to strive at it. Because you practice with the Elite Three A/C, you build up the neurological network in your brain to be able to flow with any ball thrown your way at any time. You won’t ever be like some tennis players that have disturbing little fits of anger explode from their personality during a game.

Because the Elite Three A/C stores 125 balls at a time, you can perfect your strokes in very little time. Imagine the ramifications of 30 minutes of practice of your forehand and backhand strokes and even returning those frustrating Moonballs. How much better will you do at your next match? The answer is actually a no-brainer…

Think of the potential here. This is a better training strategy than what Serena Williams had – or any tennis player up to this point in time. The Elite Three A/C won’t replace your coach but it can predictably and reliably improve your game in very little time. Try it and find out for yourself.   


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