Join The Tennis Elite With This Almost Impossible Drill

This is a very advanced drill, if you’re not able to keep a rally going from the baseline, hit volleys consistently to target areas of the court or hit topspin then go back to tennis boot camp.  

Okay, if I haven’t already scared you off I can pretty much guarantee that successfully performing this set of drills will prepare you for the pro circuit.

It’s an exercise in consistency, concentration and target hitting.  It can be done with two equally matched players or a ball machine and 1 player.  A ball machine removes a lot of variables concerning consistency, ball speed and direction, so it is actually the preferred training aid.  Use the Lobster Phenom, which can be programmed for all these shots.


The ball machine should be set up as shown with forehand location in Yellow (BM) and backhand location in Pink (BM).  The balls should be fed at a medium pace around 40-50 mph landing in the target areas on the opposite side of court (green dots).

The player hits 25 shots down the forehand alley into the target area.  Score 1 point for each ball that lands in the target area. Repeat the drill but now hit crosscourt 25 times and score 1 point for each one that lands in the target area.

Next, repeat the drill from the backhand side moving the ball machine to the appropriate location BM (pink).  Again hit 25 crosscourt and 25 down the backhand alley.  Score one point for each.

That takes care of the forehand and backhand portion of the drill.  It is out of 100 points total.


The Volley Drill is done with the ball machine located at the mid point long the baseline (blue) BM.

The player positions themself to hit 25 forehand volleys down the same side of the court to blue target area (that target area should extend across the court from the mid service hashline to the singles line and the landing area should be anywhere within 3 feet of the baseline).  Do the same thing now hitting 25 volleys crosscourt to the blue shaded area again scoring one point for each one that lands in the target area.

Now repeat the same drill hitting backhand volleys (move over slightly).

 25 down the same side of the court to the blue target area and 25 crosscourt to blue target area. This drill is also out of 100 points.

These are advanced drills where your scores can be used for comparison throughout your training season.  Having a partner to count the number of shots that land in the target areas will make the whole drill much easier to score.  


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