150 BALL
Lightweight collapsible
handle with comfort grip
Easily move over any surface
with oversized 8-inch wheels


The product is currently sold out
12 custom programmable drills to 18 locations
The product is currently sold out
6 custom programmable drills to 6 locations
The product is currently sold out
6 pre-loaded style drills

You Asked Us

The Lobster elite grand four, five and five le all appear to have a different number of pre- programmed settings.  Why is that?

Lobster makes machines at a number of different price points to reflect the budget and needs of beginner to advanced players.  Someone starting out, for instance, just needs to hit a lot of balls consistently to groove their strokes.
The “four” has 6 different settings, which will more than accommodate the groundstrokes, volleys, lobs and return of serves.  So that model would be a good investment for a club or someone that has access to a court regularly but no partner and wants to hit a lot of balls in a predetermined / programmed way.
More advanced players need to simulate game conditions which both the five and five le provide because of their more advanced pre-programmable features.  Now the drills can send shots to a variety of locations on the court in a specific order.  So, for instance, hitting a return of serve with the intent of coming to the net to volley might be one drill.  A variation of that drill might be a return of serve then coming in for a volley alternating to both the forehand and backhand volley sides but then having a lob sent back over your head.  Very realistic and very likely to happen in a game.

The elite grand five le looks similar to the others but is more expensive, why?

That’s like saying a Ferrari is just another car. They all get you where you’re going but the Ferrari is going to give you lots more advanced options.  In this case the five le provides many more preprogramming choices (18).  You will run out of energy long before you run out of variations on oscillation, spin, speed and placement of shots anywhere on the court.   

If I need to carry out any of the elite grand ball machines to our furthest courts from the clubhouse are some lighter to carry than others?

Weight won’t be a factor; all the Lobster elite grand series ball machines have large rear wheels and a handle for easy movement.  If you can wheel a shopping cart around a grocery store then you can just as easily move any of the grand model machines around the courts.

Are there engineering standards for ball machines that must be met in the production process?  This is a big investment for a tennis club and I want to be sure they are high quality machines.

That’s an important question.  These are investments in the future of tennis and both your reputation and ours are on the line.  You can rest assured that the Lobster company stands behind their products and that before any machine leaves the factory it has had to pass a 10 point quality test.  They also offer a 2 year warranty which is unmatched by any of their competitors.  

Most of the ball machines available on the market spray the ball around the court from side to side but do not vary the depth with short shots and long shots.  How are the elite series of machines able to produce short shots to the service line and then long shots to the baseline all within the same program cycle?

You’re right.  Lobsters most advanced technologies can vary the depth of the shots, spin, speed and more.  Lobster hold patents on some very advanced oscillation technologies, which are kept secret.

Some machines can throw up lobs at an angle of about 30 degrees, which isn’t very realistic when it comes to hitting overhead smashes.  Is it true that the Lobster Elite series can be programmed to create lobs at 50-60 degrees?

You’ve heard right, at those angles (50-60 degrees) everything changes for hitting a proper overhead smash.  The trajectory and speed at which the ball is falling will all affect the timing of the swing.  This is why the Lobster elite series is so good at simulating real game situations.

The elite series of ball machines can deliver balls at the highest and lowest speeds of any machine on the market.  Why is that important?

It’s important because of the range of abilities you might come across in a club setting.  If you’re purchasing a machine that can deliver balls at 80 mph then you are simulating the game speed found at the advanced or pro levels.  If however you have children just starting out, having a ball delivered at speeds as low as 10 mph is going to more likely produce better results.  The Lobster elite series have the highest degree of speed settings of any ball machines on the market.  

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